Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Losing Weight Through A Low Calorie Diet

If you are struggling with weight, it is potentially harmful and unnecessary to deprive yourself of certain foods. However, if you choose your diet carefully, it will really help you with losing weight as well as protect you from a variety of diseases.

Weight loss needs both low calorie diets and exercise. The following article discusses ways to lose weight by consuming a low calorie diet. These tips will help you make diet plans with fewer calories.

Drink lots of water

Water helps get rid of fat from cell walls. Drinking plenty of water is a simple way to ensure you lose weight. In addition, water makes you feel full and helps you maintain a low calorie diet. When your stomach is full of water, you'll not feel hungry and start snacking mindlessly.

Eat lots of vegetables

Eating plenty of vegetables is another way to ensure you stick to your low calorie diet. Vegetables such as carrots, celery, cauliflower, and broccoli have fewer calories and plenty of nutrients.

Avoid fruit juice

If you're on a low calorie diet, be sure to avoid taking fruit juice. While drinking fruit juice may seem like a healthy practice, many juices contain a lot of sugar.  We all know that excessive sugar consumption is unwise for those following low calorie diets.

Eat smaller meals

Eating smaller meals helps you stick to a low calorie diet. Therefore, it means that instead of eating three large meals a day, you should eat four to five meals per day. These small meals will make you feel full for longer, hence you'll be less likely to snack between meals.

Count and record your calories

There are about 3500 calories in one pound. So if you are to lose one pound per week, you have to cut 500 calories every day. It's easy to lose these calories daily if you stick to a low calorie diet. In order to ensure that you're cutting adequate number of calories, you have to keep a record of everything you eat. This will help you monitor your weight loss.

Avoid highly processed foods

You should avoid highly processed foods as they have empty calories. They are full of sugar and have low nutritional value. They also have inadequate fiber content; hence they're unable to manage the body's metabolism, which can cause lifestyle diseases. Make sure you eat foods low on calories and high on nutrients as well as fiber.

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