Thursday, 28 February 2013

How Meal Replacement Snack Can Help You Lose Weight

The biggest enemy in losing weight is hunger.  It can cause a person to overeat, as well as, send the body into starvation mode where it thinks it needs to store fat.  Yet, the reality remains that when someone wants to shed some pounds they have to decrease the amount of calories they take in.  It can be shocking to hear how much a person has to cut their calorie intake in order to get to their target weight.  Eating small meals frequently is one possibility, but not many people have the luxury of doing this in the go-go-go world that we live in.  A perfect solution is meal replacement snacks.  They can be a healthy alternative.

Shakes are certainly one of the most popular options.  Who is going to say no to a delicious vanilla, strawberry, or chocolate shake?  Bars are also available with a wider variety of flavors.  Both give a person what they need in a portioned amount with a set amount of calories.  The great thing about using these once or twice a day is a person is shrinking their stomach so they will feel fuller on less.  It may take a week or two to feel the difference, but you will be surprised at how little food it takes for you to feel satisfied.

There are no shortage of options of shakes and bars available, but make sure to pay attention to the nutrition label.  Some manufacturers are taking advantage of this trend and promoting their bars as something they are not.  A person doesn't want to exceed the recommend daily allowance of anything by eating one bar!  Look for options with low sugar and high fiber.  Protein tends to fill people up for longer, so look for one for nuts.  Another reality is that a person won't be eating as much and may want to look for ones which are high in fiber.  No matter how busy your schedule is you can still get the nutrition you need. 

Another component in losing weight and keeping it off is exercise.  It's best to have a plan in place for both your diet and your exercise.  There are many apps and websites that will help a person keep track of both.  Additionally, you can network and find a buddy to go through the process.  Scientific studies show that people are ,more likely to stick with their plan if they have a friend doing the same.  Another benefit of this is you can save a few extra dollars by buying the meal replacement snacks by the case and dividing the flavors, so you get a variety and not one boring flavor.  It won't take long for a person to see the change!

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